Choosing a place to work, live, to do business at, or someone to partner with can affect  your wellbeing and chances for success in the long term.

Where is the flow?

To determine, if you are „right“ here, consider the following questions or fill out this questionnaire:

Are you really interested?

Make a list of the things that you like here.

If you can’t quickly come up with 10 – 20  reasons why you are here,  you should reconsider whether it is really worth spending your valuable life time here.

Does this place make you come alive? Does the environment fit with your value system?  Could you see yourself being here for 10 years?

Are you welcome?

Are people glad that you are here? Have you been invited? Are you popular and sought after?  Or are you a burden costing other people unncessary time and energy?

How can you use your talents, gifts and abilities here?

Are you doing things that come easy to you? Can you grow here?

Are you doing things that go against the grain?

Is your body at ease?

Can your body relax here? Does it feel light and free?

Do you like the people? Do they like you?

Human conflict is a lot more tiring than heavy luggage.

Do you like colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances,relatives? Do these people like you? Can these people help you reach your goals?  Are the people you are looking for here? What do you think about the customs and social rules?

Is the environment relaxing?

Do the climate, weather and nature appeal to you? Depending on body type we flourish at different temperatures and intensity of light. Some cities have higher rates of depression and suicide apparently related to the weather.

Do  infrastructure, means of transportation, stores, restaurants, services help you realize your goals and live according to your values?

How can you help?

Are those who depend on you or who would like to use your services happy that you are here?  How can you make a contribution to the community here?


What are you earning?   How much moral support are you receiving? Is everybody against this?  How big and meaningful a social network do you have here? What is your long-term earning potential here?

Is this the best use of your time, energy and money?

Are you living according to your values?

Where is the flow?

What does the universe want? What is God’s will?  What is your gut telling you?  Just because you don’t know exactly how this will turn out, what is the power of trusting?

What is your heart saying?

Sit quietly for a few minutes observing your breathing or meditating. Then turn your attention to your heart and ask „what do you really want?“

Meditation and self-discovery can help you find more clarity, peace and joy in your life.

Coaching can help you overcome any hurdles and understand yourself better.