Where is the Flow?

Does  your current or potential location, work place or partnership really fit you?

Answer the following questions to assess whether you are „right“ here or go to the open questions. Discovering yourself more,  Coaching and meditation can provide calm, clarity and help you overcome  hurdles.

not at all
2 3
4 very much
I am really interested in being here.
I want to stay here for the next 10 to 20 years.
Here I can fully contribute my gifts, talents and abilities.
My body feels great here
I like colleagues, neighbors, relatives, acquaintances or the people in this environment. These are exactly the right people.
The people in this environment like me.
I am needed here.
I like the services, stores, entertainment, recreational and transport facilities here and they are in synch with my values.
this environment can help me reach my goals.
Climate, temperature, weather, nature are good for me.
The people who depend on me or who would like to use my services, are happy that I am here.
I have a good income here.
The universe or God wants this.

Your score

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this means…
< 25
dead wood in the line of fire?
When are you moving on? You overstayed your welcome. The current situation is a big burden for you and for everyone involved. If you don’t take action and a good look at your attitude, your health will likely deteriorate and your relationships will become beyond repair. What can you do right now to put yourself at ease and mend fences? There is such a wonderful world out there!
25 – 39
Wasting your time with a stomach ache?
You only see minor chances for success here and you don’t feel fulfilled. You are either bored or stressed. What attitudes are producing these feelings? What can you do to make life more fun and exciting? Definitely time to explore new options.
40 – 55
Interested visitor

You feel somewhat alive here. What would be necessary to really feel great? Is that possible here?
56 – 65 Congratulations! You have come home. You really feel good here. The people are glad that you are here. You are needed and can find fulfillment. How can you contribute even more to this community?